Past IDMC Conferences
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2010 | Knowing God's Word

Huh? Is studying God’s Word really meant to be a ‘WOW’ experience? For Christians everywhere who really want to grow, you will be interested, inspired, challenged, and provoked into a deeper understanding of God’s Word and a deeper relationship with Him, moving from the ‘huh?’, to the ‘hmm’, to the ‘aha’ and to the ‘WOW!’

2009 | Knowing God

For every disciple of Christ, these biblical & inspiring messages will generate paradigm shifts in your view of God, deepen your hunger for more of God, and ignite the passion in your worship of God.

2008 | A Certain Kind

The greatest need of the Church is leadership. To produce a certain kind of spiritually-qualified leader, authentic discipleship and intentional disciplemaking are the biblical keys.

2007 | Inspiring Resonance

Is it really enough to have “agreement” among leaders in ministry? Absolutely not! We need and must have a common “heartbeat” – a shared ownership and leadership commitment to a compelling vision.