Past IDMC Conferences
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2011 | Cultivating Your Inner Life

Living life in the fast lane takes its toll on us. Spiritual dryness, performance traps, running on empty, and merely going through the motions are common conditions of the weary of soul.

2010 | Knowing God's Word

Huh? Is studying God’s Word really meant to be a ‘WOW’ experience? For Christians everywhere who really want to grow, you will be interested, inspired, challenged, and provoked into a deeper understanding of God’s Word and a deeper relationship with Him, moving from the ‘huh?’, to the ‘hmm’, to the ‘aha’ and to the ‘WOW!’

2009 | Knowing God

For every disciple of Christ, these biblical & inspiring messages will generate paradigm shifts in your view of God, deepen your hunger for more of God, and ignite the passion in your worship of God.

2008 | A Certain Kind

The greatest need of the Church is leadership. To produce a certain kind of spiritually-qualified leader, authentic discipleship and intentional disciplemaking are the biblical keys.

2007 | Inspiring Resonance

Is it really enough to have “agreement” among leaders in ministry? Absolutely not! We need and must have a common “heartbeat” – a shared ownership and leadership commitment to a compelling vision.