Past IDMC Conferences
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2020 | Whole-Life Discipleship

One of the greatest obstacles in discipleship and in discipling young people today is seeing and overcoming spiritual compartmentalisation.

2019 | Rethinking Discipleship

What is the greatest crisis of discipleship in the life of the Church today? Is it the crisis of spiritual consumerism, carnality, prayerlessness, leadership or all of the above?

2018 | Faith and Fire

“Faith and Fire — Living from the Inside Out” seeks exactly to do that. It seeks to explore the terrains of the inner life and to bring forth discipleship from the inside out:

2017 | Rekindling Your Spiritual Passion

Rekindling Your Spiritual Passion comes to the real issue that people’s lives are no longer fired up by God. We have lost that passion. We have lost that first love.

2016 | Marketplace Discipleship - The Kingdom Strikes Back!

IDMC Conference 2016 picks up this very crucial theme of Marketplace Discipleship. It is an important subject for radical discipleship today. We’ve got to redeem the Marketplace for Jesus. It is here where the Kingdom strikes back!

2015 | Life & Legacy - Spiritual Mentoring towards Spiritual Maturity

The chief end of discipleship is a spiritual maturity. It is defined by Christ-likeness and out of which flows our mission and service.

2014 | Radical Discipleship - Rising Above the Ordinary

The call to discipleship is a call to live an extraordinary life - an extraordinary life that is rooted in an intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

2013 | Starting Over - Discipleship as a Redemptive Journey

The call of Jesus is “Go make disciples of the nations” (Matthew 28:19). The great challenge is “What kind of disciples?”

2012 | Knowing God's Will

In the contemporary Church, theological reflection is often missing. The integration of a biblical worldview and practical discipleship is often neglected. Knowing God’s will provides a vital roadmap for discipleship today in both spiritual understanding and practical living.